What is Fewlogs

Fewlogs enhances your AI prompts with unique and factual content that matches any writing style you need. You can build semantic libraries and AI personas that integrate nicely with language models —such as ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, Llama2, etc— and mainstream AI writing tools.

It doesn’t replace your current workflow, it supercharges your prompts and tools to enhance the quality of the generated content.

Using ChatGPT for SEO

Language models like ChatGPT are great for generating content quickly. However, the content often lacks factual accuracy.

That's because ChatGPT is trained on general web content until 2021, so it doesn't have niche expertise or recent knowledge. This means all the content ChatGPT generates is similar and it can easily hallucinate incorrect facts when asked about niche or emerging topics.

If you use ChatGPT out of the box, your content will never stand out and you risk flagging Google’s duplicated content detectors. On top of this, you risk losing trustworthiness by having factual errors in the generated content.

How Fewlogs libraries solve this

Fewlogs lets you build semantic libraries with niche content to enhance AI tools like ChatGPT.

You can add both public and private sources like:

  • Websites and articles
  • Video transcripts
  • Books and papers
  • Private documents and notes

Fewlogs indexes the content with AI semantic search, so you can instantly find relevant snippets on any topic. You then integrate those snippets into your AI prompts when generating content.

This achieves 3 key benefits:

  • Recent factual knowledge from ingesting emerging niche sources
  • Unique perspectives from your proprietary documents, in terms of facts and tone of voice.
  • Easy uncovering of authoritative sources, which helps boosting trustworthiness and topical authority.

The result is AI content that is more original, accurate and authoritative - perfect to keep up with the latest Google Core Updates.