How to ingest Books and Papers in Fewlogs

Adding books and papers to your Fewlogs libraries is an excellent way to build high-quality, relevant content. Follow these simple steps:

Select Your Book or Paper File

To ingest books or research papers, you will need them in a digital format, such as ePub or PDF. You can either use the ones you’ve already purchased or use public domain books freely available.

Although, Fewlogs support both formats, ebook formats like ePub are highly formatted and the ingestion will be much cleaner than its counterpart in PDF format.

Adding the File to Your Library

  • Go to Fewlogs and click "Add Content" on your target library.
  • Select "ePub" or "PDF" format.
  • Upload your file and click "Save."

Fewlogs will now process the file, extract the text, and break it into small semantic pieces to power the search.

Wait for Processing to Complete

Ingesting this type of content is generally fast once it’s uploaded. Give Fewlogs a couple of minutes to digest the content. The status will show you the ingestion progress.

Search and Use the Content

Once done, you can search your library to find relevant snippets and use them to enhance your AI content generation.

The ingested book or paper acts like any other content source - you can copy snippets into your AI language model to augment its knowledge and generate high-quality articles sourced from the material.