Plans & Pricing

Each plan can access every content ingestor with unlimited AI Personas and Prompt Templates creation.

Plan One
$20/ month

Store up to 20,000 text fragments

AI Personas

Fair usage apply

How does it work

You pay based on the storage size of your semantic libraries.

Generating content like long articles or marketing copy is virtually free if you use free language models like Claude or ChatGPT 3.5. Remember that you can use any language model – build the prompt and execute anywhere.


To keep our costs under control, we limit how much content you can ingest per month. Analyzing text samples to extract persona traits also consumes a small amount of credits.

But don't worry – you can fill up your storage space a few times over when ingesting text-based sources before running out of fair usage credits. Note that transcribing audio or video content requires additional computing power and will deplet your quota much faster.

Most actions such as using the semantic search engine to find relevant text fragments, generating prompt embeddings, and using AI Personas, won't consume any additional credits from your fair usage quota.