What are AI Personas

One of the key pillars of content generation is writing in the style you need.

Creating Relatable Content

Providing facts in your prompts about your business, brand or industry greatly improves the factuality of the generated content with any language model, but it is not enough to generate relatable content that your audience will resonate with.

To truly capture a brand's voice, the AI needs to understand the nuances that make it unique - the specific tone, grammar, and terminology that relates to its audience.

This is where AI personas come to rescue – they help building an emotional connection with the audience, by speaking their language and creating more relatable and engaging content efficiently.

What is an AI Persona

Fundamentally, an AI persona is a set of writing style traits that define how the content is written. You can then pass these traits in your prompts to influence the generated output.

If text fragments and facts are the “what”, writing style traits and AI Personas define the “how”.

Matching Existing Content

By analyzing samples of existing content, the AI can learn the style patterns of existing pieces of content - the voice, cadence, word choices, and overall vibe. This persona, passed as a prompt embedding, then ensures that new articles, social posts, and other content fit the original style.

Rather than just spitting out information on a topic, an AI persona can enhance that same content with the right style and jargon for the industry you are in, whether it’s legal services, plumbing or gaming reviews. Then over time, you can evolve or make variations of these personas to match exactly particular target audiences or the format of the platform where you will publish it. More on this on the “Evolving AI Personas” section.

Keeping your Brand’s Voice Consistent

Brand building requires consistent tone and voice, yet achieving this across multiple content types is challenging, especially at scale. For a brand identity to stand out while remaining coherent, its essence must come through in every piece of content, whether they are blog articles, social posts, video scripts, or press releases to name a few.

When you create an AI Persona, you lock a set of writing style traits that can be replicated over and over. This style is then reflected in any new piece of content produced.

AI personas can enable brands to efficiently maintain tone and voice consistency. This strengthens the brand identity – AI-generated content that sounds authentic to the brand.

Evolving AI Personas

One great side effect of defining personas into different style traits is that you can now evolve them atomically.

Adding, removing or even manually updating specific traits while keeping the ones that work is a safe approach to evolve the style of your brand by making small incremental steps.

Scaling up your team of writers

Keeping your author personas — AI Personas now — separated from your human writers leads to better consistency as you scale your team. Senior writers can help creating and enhancing AI Personas to match specific industry or audience styles, while junior writers use those personas to generate the actual content.

You can scale up your content production by having more human writers generate content using the same persona — which increases raw content output —, or by having the same human writer using multiple AI personas — increasing number of distinct author personas known to your users —.