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No-code solution to supercharge prompts with on-brand content generation.

is an AI Persona

An AI Persona is like your dedicated content marketer, finely tuned to your brand's unique voice — a customizable tool that can match the tone and style of your brand, transform generic content into on-brand pieces.

AI Persona for legal text writing
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ChatGPT vs
ChatGPT + Persona AI

ChatGPT alone generates generic content.

Instruction used — "Using markdown write a small article about How to invest in the stock market"

ChatGPT enriched with a Persona AI tailors the output to match a unique voice and style.

The latter ensures your content not only stands out but also consistently resonates with your target audience, thereby enhancing overall customer engagement.

Below is the same instruction as above, but this time, we used a Persona AI that was trained with Cyberpunk 2077's dialog text.

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to create it

To create a Persona AI, first, input examples of your on-brand content.

Shows how to input examples to create an AI Persona

Next, choose which personality traits to analyze for.

Shows how to choose personality traits to analyze for

Now you have a Persona AI that mimics Cyberpunk 2077's dialog style.

Result for this example that creates a Persona AI for Cyberpunk 2077

Now, you can embed these traits into your prompts to generate content that engages your brand audience consistently.

Shows how to use the Persona AI in a prompt
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