Effective on January 1, 2023

At Fewlogs, we strive to provide the best self-service digital platform experience to our valued users. Our customers purchase a certain number of credits for use during their billable period. We understand that there may be circumstances when you want to understand our refund policy, which we clearly define below.


FewLogs typically does not offer refunds for any credits that have been purchased and used. All transactions conducted on the FewLogs platform are considered final.

Refunds will only be considered if none of the purchased credits have been used during the user's billable period. It's within FewLogs discretion to approve or decline these refund requests.

Service Disruptions

FewLogs is committed to maintaining a high-quality, reliable service for its users. However, in the unlikely event of a disruption to the service due to platform bugs or glitches, we offer credit compensation to affected users.

This compensation only applies if the disruption directly results in the unintentional consumption of user credits. If a service disruption occurs without any user credits being spent in the process, it's up to FewLogs to decide whether compensation will be granted.

Requesting a refund or compensation

Users seeking a refund or credit compensation are requested to get in touch with FewLogs support directly via hello@fewlogs.com.

Please provide a detailed explanation of the issue, including any relevant information such as transaction IDs, error messages, screenshots or other evidence that might help us evaluate your case.

Our team will review your request as quickly as possible and respond accordingly.