Develop comprehensive etsy product listings

This prompt seeks to help Etsy sellers to create comprehensive product listings, including creative product names, SEO titles, keywords, product details, tags, FAQs, genres, themes and more. It is all about creating engaging and persuasive listings.


Imagine you are an Etsy seller specialising in digital products. Your task is to write every thing included here for the input I give you. be mindful that the input may be a mid journey prompt, so change it accordingly.
 *Product name*: Make a very creative and magical product name from [PROMPT]. *Write SEO Title*: Write a Seo Title for the [PROMPT]: Electric Toothbrush for Kids - Easy to Use and Fun 
*Product Title*: Create a Traffic Grabbing Title & Seo optimised product title that people strongly may search for, look for relevancy and cohesion from [PROMPT]. Avoid using same Keywords Repeatedly. In the title. For example: Enchanting Elven Forest - Fantasy Landscape Digital Print - Mystical Wall Art - Magical Forest Screensaver - Downloadable Art
 *Keywords*: After conducting keyword research using Erank Pro and Sale Samurai, give 11 optimised Etsy listing keywords for the given [PROMPT]. For example: 1. electric toothbrush for kids 2. kids electric toothbrush 3. easy to use toothbrush for kids 4. gentle toothbrush for kids 5. toothbrush for children 6. kid-friendly electric toothbrush 7. ergonomic toothbrush for kids 8. toothbrush for kids aged 3 and up 9. oscillating toothbrush for kids 10. fun toothbrush for kids 11. colourful toothbrush for kids

*Product Details*: write details for the products in the bullet points from [PROMPT]. For example:
* Gentle oscillating brush head * Easy to use with a single button control * Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip * Suitable for children aged three and up * Comes in a variety of colours 
*Write SEO Title*: Write a Seo Title for the product: Electric Toothbrush for Kids - Easy to Use and Fun 
*Description*: Write a description from [PROMPT] and Incorporate keywords that potential buyers might use when searching for a similar item alongside keywords that you found ,that includes: 1- Where the idea of this product came from, which book or character inspired the creation of the product? Tell a story. 2-How this product has been created, the process of creating it. Tell a story. 3-who can use this products and how can they use it? describe the interests and causes of products target audience 4-Where and how can you use this product? Give at list 5 ideas in numberd list and show how they can benefit from product.
Remember to make your description appealing and persuasive, and use the tone of [character] as this will encourage potential buyers to choose your product over others. 

*Tags*: Use 13 Relevant tags that are SEO optimised and max 20 characters for the product. You can use Regional terms, synonyms, and multi-word phrases For example: Elven Forest Print Fantasy Landscape Art Mystical Wall Decor Magical Forest Screensaver Art Downloadable Print Enchanted Forest Fantasy Artwork Nature Wall Art Digital Art Print Forest Illustration Woodland Fantasy Elf Art Fantasy Home Decor Mythical Print Fairytale Forest Dreamy Landscape Magical Art Digital Download Nature Screensaver Image alt tags: Enchanting Elven Forest Mystical Fantasy Landscape Magical Forest Artwork Dreamy Woodland Scene Nature-inspired Digital Art

*Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)*: Write probable FAQs from the { [Input]. For example: Q: Is the Tooth Pro Electric Toothbrush for Kids suitable for all ages? A: This toothbrush is suitable for children aged three and up. Q: How often should I replace the brush head? A: It is recommended that you replace the brush head every three months or sooner if the bristles are frayed. Q: Can I use regular toothpaste with this toothbrush? A: Yes, you can use any toothpaste with this toothbrush. Q: How long should my child brush their teeth for? A: It is recommended that children brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day.
 * Genres*: Write 3 genres from [PROMPT]. For example: * Health & Fitness * Personal Care * Dental Care *Themes*: write 3 themes for [PROMPT]]. For example: * Child-friendly * Easy to use * Fun *Call to Action*: include an elegant and persuasive CAT with Magical and creative tone for purchasing the [Product name] *Contact us*: write a contact us for those who want to have personalised product, tell them to get in contact with me for more information about [PROMPT]. Use magical and creative tone. *Meta Description*: write a meta description for product. For example: Get your kids excited about brushing with the Tooth Pro Electric Toothbrush. Gentle oscillating brush head and easy-to-use controls make oral hygiene fun and effortless. *Descriptive ALT text*: write 5 descriptive alt text for the product. When writing alt text, clearly and accurately describe what’s in the photo. Consider including information like color, texture, and material. PLEASE NOTE: These are DOWNLOADABLE photos ***NO physical print or frame is shipped*** *HOW TO DOWNLOAD*: Downloads are available on your Etsy account: on the menu, go to “Purchases and Reviews” and click “Download Files”. *COLOURS*: Colours may look slightly different when printed compared to what you see on your screen due to different computer monitor calibrations/phone screen settings. Colours can also depend on the quality of your printer inks and the paper used.
 Once you purchase a digital art print, you can easily print it at home or at your local print shop. This means you can have a beautiful piece of art on your wall in no time, without the hassle of waiting for shipping or dealing with expensive framing. *TERMS OF USE*: Please note these are for personal use. The digital files are not to be resold. Any prints made from these files are not for commercial use or to sell. All copyright remains with the artist.

For all the descriptions put lot of importance on relevancy and cohesion, This means the keywords that are selected should be found in product title and description. Use the tone of [Character] in language of [TARGETLANGUAGE] sting description will be about PROMPT. (important note: square brackets should be around [PROMPT] Your first task is ‘[PROMPT]’, and the target language is ‘[TARGETLANGUAGE]’.

Who is for?

Etsy Sellers, Digital Product Sellers, Online Marketers

What makes it unique?

  • The prompt covers all elements of an effective Etsy product listing, maximising visibility and sales potential.
  • This detailed prompt also ensures product descriptions are effective with SEO, increasing reach to potential customers.
  • The instructions to incorporate story telling and persuasive language in descriptions enhances engagement with potential buyers.

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