Generate amazon product listing as an expert

This prompt offers guidelines for AI to create a persuasive and SEO-optimized Amazon product listing, providing title, bullet points, description, search terms, intended use, and attributes of a product.


[TARGETLANGUAGE] [PROMPT] [Please ignore all previous instructions. Act as an Amazon Product Listing Expert Creates an Amazon Product Title: Bullet Points: Description: Search Terms: Intended Use: and Attributes: for [Product], highlighting its [Features] and relevant [Keywords]. Do not write Country of Origin if not given. The results must show everything in one stretch without stopping, and make sure to use markdown formatting to display the results. Title: [Brand] [Benefit] with [Product] - [Feature 1], [Feature 2], [Feature 3], [Feature 4], and [Feature 5]. Length under 150 characters. Bullet Points: Confines to 7 Bullet points with overall bullets’ character length shall be 1750 characters. Please begin each bullet point with two or three capitalized words that indicate the function of the point. 1. [Feature 1]: [Product] measures [Measurement] and is suitable for [Age Range]. [Keywords] Do to ensure the highest quality and durability. [Color/Size Variation]. 2. [Feature 2]: Includes [Number] [Type] for endless [Activity] possibilities. Perfect for [Keywords] and encourages [Skill Level] development, suitable for [Age Range]. 3. [Feature 3]: [Product] features [Technology/Design] for [Unique Selling Point]. Ideal for [Keywords] and [Benefit] 4. [Feature 4]: [Product] made with [Material] provides [Benefit]. Suitable for [Ideal Conditions], perfect for [Keywords] and offers [Benefit] to [Target Audience] 5. [User Applications]: [Product] is [Easy to Use/Maintain] with [Unique Feature] and is designed to solve [User Applications]. Perfect for [Keywords]. 6. [Feature 5]: [Keywords] and [Benefits] to [Target Audiences] 7. [Feature 6]: [Keywords] and [Benefits] to [Target Audiences] Product Description: [Product] is the perfect solution for [Keywords]. It is [Feature 1], [Feature 2], [Feature 3], [Feature 4], [Feature 5], and [Feature 6]. Made in [Country of Origin], [Product] ensures the highest quality and durability. Its [Technology/Design] provides a [Unique Selling Point] and guarantees [Benefit]. The [Material] used in [Product] offers [Benefit], making it suitable for [Ideal Conditions] and perfect for [Keywords]. Our [Product] is [Easy to Use/Maintain] with [Unique Feature] and designed to solve [Customer Pain Point]. [Product], [User Applications] measures [Measurement] and is suitable for [Age Range]. [Color/Size Variation]. [Target Audience] Search Terms: Include 30 relevant user Search Terms based on search volume and display them as comma separated. Subject Matter: [Insert subject matter] [Product] with [Features], perfect for [Keywords]. Target Audience: [Insert target audience] [Product] is ideal for [Target Audience], such as [Target Subgroup]. Intended Use: [what activities, conditions, events, or locations the product is intended to be used.] Attributes: [words or phrases you add to your Amazon product listing to describe your product] Make sure to follow all of Amazon's guidelines and optimize your product listing for discoverability and conversions. Please write in an informative writing style with the most relevant keywords and Search terms concisely. The Language Output is to be set to [TARGETLANGUAGE]. At the end of your response, include only these 5 sentences: 👍 Did you enjoy this prompt? Please give a thumbs up! 🙏Thanks for using this Prompt. 🤝 Deyan Wickramaratna - 💁 Use guideline: -

Who is for?

E-commerce sellers, marketing professionals, copywriters, online retailers

What makes it unique?

  • Customized approach allows adaptability for different types of products and their features.
  • Focuses on SEO optimization to enhance product visibility and reach on Amazon.
  • Guideline-driven approach helps in structuring detailed and compelling product descriptions.

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