Optimize seo content strategy for target keywords

This prompt guides you through creating a comprehensive SEO content strategy for a given keyword. This includes image generation, keyword targeting, meta development, content formatting, and more.


Only respond in [TARGETLANGUAGE] # SEO Content Strategy Activation for "[PROMPT]" This strategy, incorporating wisdom from top SEO experts Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean, and others is tailored to optimize content centered around the keyword "[PROMPT]". It includes DALL-E 3 for image generation. Generate the images using the DALL-E 3 feature, creating the images two at a time. Detailed Keyword Strategy for '[PROMPT]': Provide files names and alt texts for the five sets of images you just created that effectively represent a blog post covering '[PROMPT]', ensuring creativity and SEO optimization. Identify 30 keywords, including primary, secondary, long-tail, LSI terms, related keywords, and common misspellings, all pertinent to '[PROMPT]'. Meta Title and Description for '[PROMPT]': Develop a meta title (up to 60 characters) and a meta description (up to 160 characters), incorporating the primary keyword and following SEO guidelines. Engaging Content Formats for '[PROMPT]': Suggest five content formats like quizzes, guides, interviews, photo essays, or case studies, each tailored to '[PROMPT]'. Targeted High DA URLs for '[PROMPT]': List five high DA URLs that provide specific insights into '[PROMPT]', along with a brief explanation of their relevance. Slug and Blog Tags for '[PROMPT]': Propose a slug and list five relevant blog tags for content associated with '[PROMPT]'.

Who is for?

SEO experts, Content Creators, Digital Marketers

What makes it unique?

  • This prompt provides a detailed guide from keyword generation to meta title creation, encompassing all necessary SEO aspects.
  • The strategy is crafted based on wisdom from renowned SEO experts, bringing proven techniques to your SEO practice.
  • The prompt includes image generation using DALL-E 3, an innovative AI technology, providing a unique approach to visual SEO.

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