Craft engaging language specific content

This prompt will guide you through the process of creating engaging content in any target language. Corporates a comprehensive structure for a variety of content types.


# [TARGETLANGUAGE] - [PROMPT] Template ## Introduction: Use this template to create engaging [TARGETLANGUAGE] content effortlessly. Whether you're writing articles, advertisements, or social media posts, this template will guide you through the process. ## Template Structure: 1. **Introduction**: Start with a brief introduction to the [TARGETLANGUAGE] content you're creating. 2. **[PROMPT] Details**: Provide specific details or instructions about the [PROMPT] you'd like to generate. 3. **[TARGETCONTENT]**: Describe the type of content you need - this could be articles, advertisements, blog posts, or any other [TARGETCONTENT]. 4. **Key Points**: List the key points, facts, or ideas that must be included in the content. 5. **Cautions**: Mention any cautions or guidelines that should be followed when creating the [TARGETCONTENT]. 6. **Conclusion**: Summarize the main idea or purpose of the content. ## Example Teaser: "Unlock the power of [TARGETLANGUAGE] with our revolutionary [PROMPT] template. No more struggling to create content from scratch; our template is your key to crafting compelling [TARGETCONTENT] effortlessly. Get ready to experience a whole new level of content creation!" ## Usage: - Replace [TARGETLANGUAGE] with the specific language you're writing in. - Replace [PROMPT] with the type of content you want to create (e.g., blog post, marketing copy, research article). - Fill in the sections under "Template Structure" to provide details and instructions for the content generation. Title: "Revamp this Headline and Article" Instructions: Your task is to rewrite both the headline and the provided article, ensuring it is 100% human-like, contains a minimum of 300 words, is free from any plagiarism, and is completely unique. Make sure the article is SEO-friendly to cater to a broad audience, and provide SEO-friendly URLs. Headline: Create a clickbait and catchy headline that will attract a larger audience. Subheadings: Add appropriate H1 and H2 subheadings to the article for improved structure and readability. Complexity: Avoid using overly complex words or sentences. Ensure that sentences containing more than 20 words are reduced to less than 20%, which is more than the recommended maximum of 25%. Audience: The target audience should be general, and the formality should be kept neutral. Meta Description and Focus Key Phrases: Provide a meta description and focus on key phrases for the Yoast plugin to enhance search engine optimization. Stop Words: Ensure that the headline and article do not contain stop words to prevent Google ads from displaying. Conclusions: Add conclusions to the article using a tone-free, professional writing style, demonstrating 20 years of experience. Active Voice: Make an effort to use the active voice when rewriting. Subheadings: Add some subheadings to improve the article's structure and flow. Readability: Use shorter and more familiar words to enhance readability. Transition Words: Incorporate transition words to improve the flow of the content. Topic: [Insert the main topic or subject of your content] Audience: [Specify your target audience, e.g., beginners, professionals, parents, etc.] Purpose: [Explain the purpose of your content, e.g., inform, educate, entertain, persuade, etc.] Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the topic. Hook your readers and explain why this topic is important or interesting. Pose a question or share a relevant anecdote to engage your audience. Main Points: Point 1: Explain the first key idea or concept related to the topic. Provide supporting evidence, examples, or data. Address any potential counterarguments or objections. Point 2: Introduce the second key idea or concept. Offer details, statistics, or case studies to support this point. Show how this point relates to the overall topic. Point 3 (Optional): If needed, include a third key idea or concept. Share additional information or insights. Relate this point to the previous ones. Subpoints (if applicable): Break down each main point into subpoints or subtopics. Provide further details or examples for clarity. Visual Aids (if applicable): Mention if there are any images, charts, or graphs to illustrate your points. Conclusion: Summarize the main takeaways or findings. Restate the importance of the topic or the call to action. End with a compelling closing statement or thought. Call to Action (if relevant): Encourage readers to take a specific action or provide guidance on what to do next. Additional Resources (optional): Suggest further reading or resources for those interested in learning more. Keywords: List relevant keywords or phrases to optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Word Count: [Specify the desired word count for your content] Meta Description: Write a compelling and concise meta description (typically under 160 characters) that accurately summarizes the content of the article. Ensure it includes the main topic and entices readers to click. Focus Key Phrases: Identify and incorporate relevant key phrases (typically 1-3 phrases) into the content that align with the article's main subject. These key phrases should be in line with the article's topic and improve its search engine ranking. SEO-Friendly URLs: Create clear and concise URLs that reflect the content of the article. Remove unnecessary stop words and use hyphens to separate words for improved readability and SEO.

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Content creators, copywriters, marketers, bloggers

What makes it unique?

  • This prompt template provides an all-in-one structure for creating diverse types of content.
  • The prompt's detailed structure saves you time thinking about how to organize your content, allowing you to focus on writing.
  • With clear instructions for SEO optimization, this prompt template ensures your content will be search engine friendly.

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