Create instagram content strategy with sales funnel

This prompt guides you on creating a detailed, organized content strategy for Instagram, considering the three layers of a sales funnel. It provides direction on crafting engaging, knowledge-rich posts suited for any target audience and neatly packing them in a weekly format. All output is required in Portuguese.


Create Powerful Content Tips for Posting on Instagram. Show that you have deep knowledge in the profession and that you are the best qualified in the area. Create content for the 3 layers of a sales funnel, considering top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel and separate each layer by tables. Start tips with "How", "Why" and "What", "[PROMPT] Ways", "[PROMPT] Causes", "[PROMPT] Reasons", "[PROMPT] Tools", "[PROMPT] Applications". The target audience will be defined by [PROMPT]. Put it in a weekly table with the days of the week in the left column and the content in the right column. The limit for each tip is a minimum of 10 words and a maximum of 50 words. Write headlines like David Ogilvy in [TARGETLANGUAGE]. [PROMPT]. All output must be in the Portuguese language.

Who is for?

Content creators, digital marketers, business owners using Instagram for marketing

What makes it unique?

  • Customizable for any target audience, making it a versatile tool for any business or individual.
  • Incorporates sales funnel approach, focusing on strategy from awareness to decision, which is often lacking in similar prompts.
  • Produces results in Portuguese which is useful for reaching the vast Portuguese-speaking audience.

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