Write a chapter in target language about a subject

This prompt instructs the users to compose a chapter of about 3000 words in a specific language on a given topic. It emphasizes on creating a consistent, persuasive and coherent text.


With focus on building meaningful relationships between ideas and maintaining coherence throughout the chapter. Write a chapter, in [TARGETLANGUAGE] with the title "[PROMPT]", containing approximately 3000 words and no fewer, with the objective of presenting a cohesive and persuasive text about [PROMPT]. Use solid and well-structured arguments and illustrate your ideas with metaphors and analogies. Build complete and complex sentences and emphasize paragraph coherence so that the text makes sense in the end. Write a human text with fewer, but larger, paragraphs, and if interrupted, continue writing in a way that maintains text consistency. Focus on building meaningful relationships between ideas and maintaining coherence throughout the chapter.

Who is for?

Writers, Language Students, Content Creators

What makes it unique?

  • Helps improve language skills by focusing on writing in a target language
  • Encourages the creation of persuasive and coherent arguments, enhancing writing prowess
  • The use of metaphors and analogies enrich the writing style and make the text more engaging

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