Compose and design your complete ebook in target language

This prompt guides you to write, edit, and design an entire ebook, including writing each chapter, creating a table of contents, finalizing an overview section to the book, and crafting the blurb for the back cover-all from a given prompt and in a desired language.


write an ebook, write the introduction, write the content of each chapter, Chapters have a minimum of 200 to 250 written words, create a table of contents, Write the overview at the end of the book. Edit and Format, offer idea designs for the book cover, and write the blurb for the back cover of the book do all of this in the [TARGETLANGUAGE] from the given [PROMPT]

Who is for?

Aspiring authors, Freelance writers, Content Creators

What makes it unique?

  • The prompt gives a comprehensive guide to creating an ebook from start to finish, including elements like book cover design ideas and editing that most prompts overlook.
  • The instruction to write all content from a given 'prompt' and in a 'target language' makes this prompt versatile and adaptable to a wide range of projects and languages.
  • The specific word count range guidance of 200-250 words per chapter gives clear and achievable targets for writers, reducing overwhelm and facilitating better content planning.

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