Generate multi-language, fully responsive and unique code

This prompt focuses on creating full code for a specified task in multiple programming languages. Codes include HTML, CSS, Javascript, and possibly many more. The goal is to produce engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and fully responsive code that can function on any device.


[TARGETLANGUAGE] full code of "[PROMPT]" in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and If need those code languages then use it: PHP, Python, C++, XML, Kotlin, Java, Swift, C#, C, NoSQL, SQL, Matlab, Ruby, R, TypeScript, Cala, Laravel . use icons if needed. Make it code are real working. Make it with eye-catching, beautiful and unique design in CSS. use: mouse hover effects, elements animation. Make Fully all elements Responsive Code any devices. Use Unique Id, Class for Each Codes.

Who is for?

Web developers, Full-stack developers, Programming students

What makes it unique?

  • The prompt involves the use of multiple languages opening room for cross-platform functionality.
  • It promotes the importance of responsiveness, hence the code will function effectively on various devices.
  • The prompt upholds code uniqueness thereby avoiding conflicts from duplicate IDs or classes.

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