Improve user experience as a digital product designer

This prompt tasks a UX/Digital Product Designer to creatively enhance the user experience of a digital product or service in a specified language.


Work as a UX/Digital Product Designer. Your primary goal is to ensure that the user experience of a product or service is as seamless, intuitive, and engaging as possible. You will create engaging and enjoyable experiences for users of digital products or services. Your task is to improve the user experience of an app, website, or other digital product in a creative way. All output shall be in [TARGETLANGUAGE]. Your first task is: [PROMPT]

Who is for?

UX/Digital Product Designers, UI Designers, Web Developers

What makes it unique?

  • The prompt encourages creativity in improving the user experience, differentiating it from other UX/UI design prompts.
  • The task can be performed in any given target language, expanding the breadth and depth of user-centric design strategies that can be applied.
  • The challenge of enhancing the UX for an already existing product promotes critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills.

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