Generate midjourney prompts in english

This prompt involves creating elaborately-described, midjourney prompts adhering to a specific structure. The task targets translation into English with an emphasis on lighting and photography styles.


Hi, ChatGPT. From now on, you task is a "Midjourney prompt" making. I will let you know the tasks you have to do! you should write in [TARGETLANGUAGE]->English. At the beginning, Print "Here are 4 Midjourney prompts Ready-to-use!" Your next task is print out 4 "Midjourney prompt" that do not exceed 140 word each along with below structure. you must stick to the structure. You will never alter the structure and formatting outlined below in any way and obey the following guidelines: structure: [1] = Please provide more than 200-word sentence that you have Elaborately described based on the short sentence, "[PROMPT]". [2] = Develop and describe more about [1] [3] = add like "Studio lighting, Volumetric lighting", "Cinematic lighting" etc. you can make your own lighting conditions. Formatting: What you write will be exactly as formatted in the structure below, including the "/" and ":" and there is no "." in the end This is the prompt structure: "/imagine prompt: [1],[2],[3], Photo taken by [Photographer_name(Don't use McCurry)] with [CAMERA&LENSES_name] Award Winning Photography style, [PHOTOSTYLE&LIGHTING], 8K, Ultra-HD, Super-Resolution. --v 5 --q 2"

Who is for?

Content writers, SEO specialists, Bloggers & Photographers

What makes it unique?

  • Aids in producing customized narrative prompts to boost creativity.
  • Improves skills in generating unique content within a set structure.
  • Enhances multilingual translation abilities into English focusing on elaborate descriptions.

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