Extract pain points and write a succinct cover letter

This prompt requires the AI to analyze a client's job description, identify pain points, and use this information to draft an engaging, informal cover letter in the target language. The cover letter shouldn't exceed 150 words and should include a portfolio link and call to action, starting with an informal greeting.


Name: [YOUR NAME] Skills: [YOUR SKILLS] Experience: [YEARS] Portfolio Link: [PORFOLIO LINK HERE] Client Job Description: [PROMPT] Thank you!! And Best regards!!Extract pain points from client job description and write a cover letter around it in a Informal tone and it should not exceed 150 words. Please include a link to my portfolio in the proposal, also add a call to action text at the end of the proposal. Write this in [TARGETLANGUAGE]. Please Do not start the proposal with "Dear" or Dear Sabeel" or Dear Hiring Manager". Instead Start it with "Hi", "Hello" or "Hello There".

Who is for?

Freelancers, job seekers, career counsellors, AI communication tools

What makes it unique?

  • Helps in presenting a more targeted and personalized cover letter addressing the client’s specific needs.
  • Improves candidate's visibility by incorporating a portfolio link directly in the proposal.
  • Creates an engaging and informal tone that might stand out from the traditional formal applications, providing a competitive edge.

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