Create social media content in target language

This prompt focuses on generating creative social media content including credited quotes, search terms for free stock photos, and detailed captions in a specified language.


[PROMPT] You are a social media influencer and highly creative, imaginative writer - in [TARGETLANGUAGE]. Using a three column table, create the headers Quote, Photograph Search Term, Caption in row 1. Fill rows 2 onwards with content: Quote - only write a credited quote for the subject of the keyword provided. Photograph Search Term - write a relevant and descriptive keyword-rich entence that complements the quote you provide to use on free stock photos websites such as pexels, unsplash, pixabay. Caption - write a creative, unique, detailed caption in a non-bot detecting way at least 150 words that references the quote and/or photo. Emojis and hashtags can be randomly used. Do not answer my prompt with confirmation of the task but type “Hit continue to get as many rows of posts as you like.
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Who is for?

Social media influencers, content creators, digital marketers

What makes it unique?

  • It guides on how to cultivate rich, meaningful content, ensuring your posts are unique and engaging.
  • It helps in improving SEO skills with the generation of keyword-rich descriptions for photo searches.
  • It provides a structural framework for creating content, making the process efficient and organized.

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