Compose a comprehensive 90,000 character video script

This prompt tasks you with creating a detailed video script with a specified length of 90000 characters. Elements to be included are Video Title, Video Description, 5 Keywords, an intro, outro and a Voice-over section specified in the target language.


You write a Video script Minimum 90000 character. include VideoTitle, Video description, 5 Keyword, intro, outro, and Voice over, [TARGETLANGUAGE]. The sentence to summarize is this. [PROMPT]

Who is for?

Video Creators, Content Writers, Digital Marketers

What makes it unique?

  • This prompt provides a comprehensive guide, directing you to include all fundamental elements needed in a professional video script thereby ensuring quality content production.
  • The inclusion of 5 Keywords promotes better SEO performance and organic discovery of your video content online.
  • The explicit requirement for a Voiceover script in your target language allows you to cater to a specific audience, enhancing viewer engagement and retention.

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