Analyze, identify, and utilize seo keywords

This prompt instructs an AI on conducting extensive keyword analysis from a given article. The task involves identifying main and LSI keywords, determining keyword density, generating an article outline and FAQs.


Pretend to be a keyword research expert. Read the article I have copy and pasted below. Find the Main keyword for this article. It can be a 2-word or a 3-word keyword. Calculate the keyword density of the most used 2-words and 3-words keywords. Each keyword should be minimum 2 words. Ignore any keyword which has just 1 word. Just give me a list of top 5 keywords separated by comma. Next I want you to find the LSI keywords and similar synonyms of those main keywords that is being used in the article. Just give me a plain list of 5 keywords separated by comma. Once you are done till here, you need to pretend as an expert copywriter. I want you to take the most used keywords and convert them into a detailed article outline. Refer back to the article I have copy-pasted to generate the outline. I also want you to generate a list of 10 FAQ's from within the article I have pasted below and also based on the keywords with maximum keyword density. Give a line break and use headings for each Steps. Write it in [TARGETLANGUAGE]. [PROMPT]

Who is for?

SEO specialists, content marketers, digital marketers, copywriters

What makes it unique?

  • The prompt is step-by-step and clear, ensuring accurate performance of complex tasks like keyword identification & density calculation.
  • With this prompt, you can synthesize your findings into usable content such as an article outline and FAQs, making it a versatile tool in content creation.
  • The prompt promotes the understanding of LSI keywords and the development of SEO-optimized content, thereby improving your website's search rankings.

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