AI Content Marketing without Risking Your Brand

Supercharge your AI Prompts to generate content in the same style as your brand

Tailored to your audience

Use your commercial information

Do you have a catalogue of products or specific copywriting that the language model should know about? Import all this info about your business by ingesting your website or internal documentation. You can then use this data to enhance your prompts with informational context.

Your customers love your brand

Keep your current communication style by creating an AI Persona. You can use existing content that you have written or external content that you like. We analyze and break down their style into a set of style traits that you can enhance over time. Everyone in your team will now be able to communicate consistently based on the values of your brand.

Prompt templates for every marketing scenario

Access our public repository of hundreds of curated marketing prompts that will help you with every scenario, whether you are writing landing page copy, your new product description or a social media post.